Coexist Daybed

Slash Objects / 2019

This piece takes on the traditional notion of the daybed to create a contemporary version of the classic furniture staple. The challenge was to truly create a unique version of a daybed while maintaining an identifiable connection to the functionality of it - a place to casually sit or lay in an open space, often in a living room or reading area.  The daybed is a very public piece of furniture - it's function is both to be a place for temporary rest, while also allowing for passage by.

With the Coexist Daybed, the goal was to use the boldness of the brass cube turned on its edge to draw the eye inwards and allow this piece to become a spatial center point. The steel platform rests on the brass cube, holding the piece in perfect balance with its weight. At the opposite end, a Nero Marquina marble cube holds the end of the steel frame while simultaneously keeping the mattress snug and in place. The marble can act as a footrest so as not to soil the white mattress cover, should one be so daring.