Norway Light

Norway x New York, 2017

Initial conversations between Arielle Assouline-Lichten and Thomas Jenkins centered on the idea of creating an experience within a space - introducing an element to the room that creates a sense of discovery for the user. With a shared interest in bold structures and forms that have an element of interaction, the collaboration began as an exploration of what type of object would create the desired impact. In thinking about how one moved around the object itself, or how light moved across the object, a muted material palette of concrete with brass was selected to heighten the effects of the design itself.

Through an iterative design process of making physical models and sketches to communicate between studios, the purity of the cylinder and pivoting disc became an elegant way to capture and reflect light within a space.

Using the production capabilities of Slash Object's Brooklyn studio to test materials and textures, the base of the light was cast in-house, while brass parts were milled and fabricated nearby at a local metalsmith.